A Brief History of N.S.S

In India, the notion of involving students in the task of national service dates back to the times of Mahatma Gandhi, our father of the nation.

The first education commission(1950) recommended the introduction of national service by students on a voluntary basis. Subsequently on the basis of the suggestion made by the Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, a committee was appointed under the chairmanship of Dr. C.D Desh mukh to prepare a scheme for compulsory national service by students prior to their admission for degree course.

The response of students to the scheme has been excellent. Starting with an enrolment of 40,000 students in 1969, the coverage of N.S.S students has increased every year. Now the strength of N.S.S is one million.

Aim of N.S.S
Development of the personality of students through Community service.

Swami Vivekananda
“He works best who works without any motive, neither for money nor for fame nor for anything else.”

N.S.S.Unit of Mount Seena College of Arts & Science,Akalur

Programme Officer : Fasil.M.A (Asst.Prof.physics)
Members : 50 Volunteers.

Advisory Committee - 2014-2015

Chair Person - Principal

N.S.S Programme Officer – Fasil.M.A(Asst.Prof of physics)

- Rajani.K (H.O.D of Hindi)
Ramla.V.P (Moral Science Instructor)
Ismail.P.S (H.A Office )

Development Dept. Smt.Sreelatha
(Member Lakkidi 10th Ward Lakkidi perur panchayath)

N.S.S Captain
1. Muhammed aneesh - IV Sem BBA
2. Anagha – IVSem B.com Finance

1. Independence Day Celebration

2. In Connection with Anti – Drugs - Liquor Day, 2 volunteers participated in the meeting at Dhoni, Palakkad.

3. World aids Day
In connection with world aids day, N.S.S Volunteers created banners and posters and displayed them in the street.

4. National Voluntary Blood donation Day
60 students donated the blood.

5. Water Conservation Programme
Water Survey: A Survey on water availability and an awareness programme on the importance of water conservation was conducted by the N.S.S volunteers in the 10th and 11th wards of the Lakkidi-Perur grama panchayath,Palakkad.

6. Palliative Care Programme
50 Volunteers participated in the palliative care programme conducted by Marhama palliative care,Lakkidi,Palakkad.

7. Visit to Palakkad Alzheimer’s charitable trust, Karunya kendram, Kanjirapally (P.O), Palakkad.
Volunteers visited Karunya Kendra Palakkad and visited many old citizens, who require care and love. Volunteers organised public talks and cultural activities.

8. HIV/ AIDS Awareness class
Class conducted by Sri.Guruvayoorappan ( co –ordinator,HIV/AIDS,Palakkad Dist)

9. Radio Mango FM( Shuchithwa Keralam,Sundara Keralam)
An awareness programme was conducted by the Shuchithwa Keralam,Sundara Keralam team of radio mango to create an understanding of the importance of hygiene and cleanliness.

10. Leadership quality and career guidance class
Class conducted by Sri.Mohammed Rafi (MSGEI)

RRC (Red Ribbon Club)

To deal with the threat of HIV and AIDS, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare under the Govt of India proposed to establish a network with Universities and educational institutions to generate awareness regarding the pandemic and to promote voluntary blood donation to ensure safe blood and implement preventive programmes on HIV/AIDS. It is initiated and supported by the Kerala State AIDS Control Society and implemented through multi-sectoral collaboration, particularly, using the services of Cadre officers of the state’s National Service Scheme (N.S.S).